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We believe in a sustainable future. We combine our long-term business success with economic, social, societal and ecological responsibility. Sustainability is therefore an integral and essential part of Aumann's strategy.

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International Women's Day

Women in classic male professions? Definitely yes!

In this interview, our colleague Elvira Jörgens talks about her expectations and experiences as a mechatronics technician in mechanical engineering. She also tells us about her interests right up to her decision to become a mechatronics technician.


What factors encouraged you personally to pursue a STEM career?
My father is a carpenter, so I grew up in a workshop from an early age. So it was clear to me early on that I wanted to do something crafty and something with technology. At school, I was very interested in physics. Even in the course, I noticed that we were only 5 girls out of almost 30 students.


What other challenges / opportunities do you see for women in STEM professions?
You can be a pioneer or a role model for other women. I would be happy if soon there are more girls/women in our country who dare to choose such professions. However, I am sometimes underestimated, especially when it comes to physical work, my colleagues don't trust me with some things. But then I just take the initiative and prove to my male colleagues that I can do it. I also know that my colleagues don't mean any harm and just want to help me.

How did you find out about the apprenticeship and Aumann?
Aumann had a cooperation with our school. As a result, we were able to get a taste of the work of a mechatronics engineer and the company during two project days in the modern training workshop.

What are you particularly proud of? 
I think it's great that I'm trusted so much so soon after completing my training. As a result, I already have an important responsibility. If I don't work well or accurately, it can affect the entire department and projects. As a mechatronics technician, I'm currently working on very technologically demanding measuring machines, where precision is required, and they've taken me on in this department because of my precise way of working.


Have you ever had a bad experience regarding your career choice?
At a career orientation fair at another company in the region, I was told that they wouldn't hire girls anyway and that I couldn't do it anyway. That motivated me all the more, but I can well imagine that one or the other girl is unfortunately influenced by this and may be dissuaded from her career path.


Your message to the girls out there?
Don't let yourselves be diverted from your path and believe in yourselves. Other people's opinions shouldn't keep you from your dream job. Most male colleagues have no problem working with girls. Mechanical engineering is also something for girls!