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Services that safeguard production

Safeguarding your production availability is the main focus at Aumann. Our experienced Service Team is available to you throughout the world – around the clock.

Optimum availability – Quickly on site

Whether a preventive routing check via remote maintenance, an intensive routine inspection or a stubborn malfunction at the weekend: Aumann creates solutions – and the line continues! Ambitious customers throughout the world place their trust in our comprehensive services that cover the entire spectrum – from operator training through to sustainable re-use concepts.

Qualified customer care

You can book our services individually or combine them as part of a service agreement. We will guarantee tailored service throughout the entire useful life of your production system – ask about the possibilities, discover the Aumann Service quality.

Maximum availability – 24/7


Aumann Service Technicians are also available beyond normal business hours.

Remote maintenance around the clock


Rapid diagnostics: For example, through our round-the-clock remote service.

Maintenance with vision


Safeguarding production availability through regular, proactive maintenance actions ensures that your system retains its value.

Replacement parts package


Minimize your downtimes with tailored replacement and wear part packages and original Aumann replacement parts.

Rapid response times


Dial E for expertise: We are professionally organised for rapid availability.

Production assistance


Our experienced technicians will provide support and optimise your production startup.

On-site training


Ideally trained employees ensures maximum value creation and the effective utilisation of your system.

Installation and commissioning


We will install your system and ensure seamless commissioning.

System optimisation


Our team will overhaul your system and bring everything up to the latest standard.

Any questions? The Aumann Service Team is available at any time.

Aumann Beelen GmbH
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Service Fon: +49 2586 888 7220

Technical support: support.bee[at]aumann[dot]com
Spare parts: spareparts.bee[at]aumann[dot]com

Aumann Espelkamp GmbH
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Service Fon: +49 5772 566-444
Technical support: support.esp[at]aumann[dot]com

Spare parts: spareparts.esp[at]aumann[dot]com

Aumann Limbach-Oberfrohna GmbH
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Service Fon: +49 3722 6082-888
Technical support: support[dot]lim[at]aumann[dot]com
Spare parts: spareparts[dot]lim[at]aumann[dot]com

Aumann Technologies (China) Ltd.
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Service Fon: +86 519 6988 5678

Service Fax: +86 519  6988 5088

Aumann Winding and Automation, Inc.
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Technical support / Spare parts:

Service Mail: info[at]aumann[dot]com