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Welding technology

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Aumann's industry solutions, especially in the field of structural components, are strongly specialized in arc welding processes.
The means of choice for demanding track welding applications in almost all cases is the industrial robot. Here we are broadly positioned and independent with regard to the use of power sources, burners, TCP processes and robot manufacturers. Even hybrid processes with laser application are not alien to us.

Over the decades, we have acquired a great deal of expertise in various material classes in the field of steel and especially aluminium. We know exactly what is important in process design and jig design.

We meet the special in-house challenge of implementation in highly interlinked plants with comprehensive experience in concept development, engineering, commissioning and above all in quality and geometry generation.

Laser welding
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Laser welding is one of the fastest welding techniques, with welding speeds of more than 100 millimetres per second. It places very high demands on the quality of individual parts and, in particular, on the entire fixture construction. We realise machines in machine-tool quality, work independently with manufacturers and integrate control technology for maximum precision.

Understanding and controlling process parameters, mastering cycling and time constraints with expertise: Our experts recognise that beam guidance is decisive, and that it depends on a wide range of factors.

We will gladly reveal some of our technological tricks in a personal discussion!

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One of the biggest challenges in the production of complex welded assemblies is the generation of geometry.

High accuracy demands due to the process cannot be achieved purely by optimising the welding process.

Particularly in the axle beam product segment, high accuracies are required for kinematic connection points.


Aumann offers punching and processing solutions for integration in the end-of-line area or as a stand-alone solution.


In the field of machining, we pursue the approach of special solutions with the use of several machining spindles with, at best, only one feed movement.

In direct comparison to standard CNC machines, we are thus able to achieve short cycle times without the need for redundant systems.


Based on our decades of experience in the field of punching systems, we offer solutions specially tailored to the customer's product.

We implement multi-station systems with integrated measuring technology in order to implement even demanding geometric requirements such as subcovers.

You can rely on our competence which we can prove with numerous references.