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Insulation displacement connections
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Aumann ensures clean insulation displacement connection contacts: The wire is inserted into coils, stators and transformers in a defined housing chamber. The contacts are separated and pressed into the chamber via the enamelled wires. The enamelling is severed and an electrical contact to the copper is established. Various contacting methods can be used: MAG MATe, Siamese, cable lugs and crimp contacts.

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To realize the connection geometry of contacts, a bending process may be necessary.

In this case, Aumann offers pneumatic or CNC-controlled bending pliers or bending rollers

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Aumann has decades of experience in miniaturized soldering, wave soldering, laser soldering, piston soldering and inert gas / nitrogen applications. We use lead-free solder for the electronics industry and automotive industry, and are well versed in the peculiarities of high working temperatures.

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Aumann has expertise in all conventional welding processes: resistance welding, ultrasonic welding, laser welding, arc welding, bonding and the demanding thermal compression welding process. Comprehensive expertise – from the finest wire through to complex welding units for systems and machines.