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Feed technology
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One of our core fields of expertise: We are familiar with all feed technologies and can adapt flexibly to the most diverse of requirements. For solutions even over a small area including the holding system – suitable for your logistics concept with autonomy times of up to two hours.

Whether blister or bulk material, balls, minute pins and needle bearings, labels or even sheet metal parts weighing 20 kg: our team has comprehensive experience and is ideally staffed with experts for developing ideal process integration, even at the highest cycle rates.

It is a fact that there are also feed limits. What is important for you is that we will not make false promises, but we can automate even the most complex of feed processes with special solutions, thanks to our mechanical engineering expertise. Camera-assisted robot systems and bulk material concepts, which also work optimally in 3-shift operation, are a part of this.


Expertise in every detail:

  • Many years of experience in the use of different feed systems
  • A selection of suitable feed systems
  • Price and space-optimised concepts
  • Performing experiments with customer-specific components
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Aumann works with all established manufacturers and enables the optimum performance of industrial robots in a variety of systems. We will integrate your chosen robot into the overall system and provide you with a turnkey solution. Our strengths: cooperating robots and intelligent error handling concepts.

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Aumann manufactures individual palletisers, and can also integrate your chosen palletisers into the overall system – linear components and flexible robotics, always in compliance with CE regulations. As the primary contractor, we will also oversee commissioning in the overall system. Our focus is on short cycle times and high autonomous runtimes.

Vibratory conveyors
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Aumann only uses vibratory conveyors from renowned manufacturers – customized systems that are ideally suited to your requirements. Integration, commissioning, maintenance: Our team is the specialist in providing high-performance, CE-compliant solutions, with uncomplicated interfaces to the PLC.

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Aumann is fully aware that the traceability of batches and components is essential – in particular for safety-relevant components. We develop solutions that comply fully with the legal requirements and that ensure the seamless documentation of all relevant product and production data.

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