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Wire processing

Aumann wire processing: Constant firing conditions for the cost-efficient production of high-quality enamelled wires.

Fine Wire Enamelling Machines
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These systems are designed for all conventional enamels, enamelling the wire in a horizontal tube.


Wire ranges

  • DLH 2-15-70: approx. 0.015 to 0.070 mm ø, Cu
  • DLH 3-50-120: approx. 0.050 to 0.120 mm ø, Cu
  • DLH 6-80-160: approx. 0.080 to 0.160 mm ø, Cu
  • DLH 7-125-250: approx. 0.125 to 0.250 mm ø, Cu
  • DLH 8-160-360: approx. 0.160 to 0.360 mm ø, Cu
  • DLH 8-200-500: approx. 0.200 to 0.500 mm ø, Cu
  • DLH 8-300-1250: approx. 0.300 to 1.250 mm ø, Cu


The compact clear modular design of the machine with constant curing conditions, allows the economic production of high quality enamelling wires and guarantees:


  • Optimized circulating air system with radiant heating and enamel drying zone
  • Compliance with regulations on emissions by means of a catalytic combustion unit
  • Minimal energy requirement
  • Simple operation where all machine parameters can be adjusted individually
  • In-line drawing unit for optimal copper wire structure and economic wire stock control
  • Smooth running wires
  • Technologically most efficient system set up using available options, to economically cover the wide range of today's wire production requirements
  • Quality control by process monitoring


Due to the modular design the machine can be adapted to all production requirements.