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Wire processing

Aumann wire processing: Constant firing conditions for the cost-efficient production of high-quality enamelled wires.

Wire processing
Wire processing
Fine wire lacquering machines
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Aumann fine wire lacquering machines have been developed for all conventional lacquers, and are designed for lacquering wires in a horizontally arranged firing shaft. With its constant firing conditions, the machine – constructed in a clear, modular design – ensures the cost-efficient production of high-quality enamelled wires. Thanks to the modular principle, all operational requirements can be satisfied.


Aumann has mastered all production processes and procedures that have become established on the market and tailors these to customer requirements (volume, scaling, area, level of automation, ...).


These fully automated systems are characterised by the cost-efficient production of wires.



  • Optimised convection heating and radiant heating with a lacquer pre-drying line
  • Satisfies the emission control regulations through catalytic combustion
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Easy operation with targeted digital setting options for all machine parameters
  • Optimum copper wire structure and cost-effective bare-wire storage, thanks to the inline drawing header
  • Quiet wire feed
  • Quality assurance thanks to inline process control and regulation


Wire ranges

  • DLH 2-15-70: approx. 0.015 to 0.070 mm ø, Cu
  • DLH 3-50-120: approx. 0.050 to 0.120 mm ø, Cu
  • DLH 6-80-160: approx. 0.080 to 0.160 mm ø, Cu
  • DLH 7-125-250: approx. 0.125 to 0.250 mm ø, Cu
  • DLH 8-160-360: approx. 0.160 to 0.360 mm ø, Cu
  • DLH 8-200-500: approx. 0.200 to 0.500 mm ø, Cu
  • DLH 8-300-1250: approx. 0.300 to 1.250 mm ø, Cu

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