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Flyer winders

Aumann flyer winders: Ideal for winding products that are not suitable for a rotational winding movement at high winding speeds.

FWS - Flyer Winding System
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The flyer winding system FWS with 6 controlled servo-axes allow the comprehensive functions, such as the fully automatic winding of up to six spindles: axial connection pins or cut-and-clamp bags as well as auxiliary pins. The lifting sequential system for package switching over to the next step and the winding spindle with additional traversing axis, are driven by servo motor. The networkable, modular control concept is based on a Beckhoff PC control system. FWS can be optimally integrated in production lines and offer a graphic-based operator guidance via a multitouch panel.


  • Stable basic structure
  • PC control system Beckhoff brand
  • Graphic-based operator guidance
  • Programmable via the user interface and plain text
  • Access to the machine by means of the remote control
  • MES-capability
  • Automatic terminating connection wires
  • Can be designed as multi-spindle system
  • Quick-change flyer
  • Quick-change winding tools



  • Rotary sequential system to allow manual in-process operation
  • Integration in the workpiece carriers circulation
  • Upper counter-bearing for guide jaw tools
  • Wire clamp-separating systems for wire loss-free operation mode
  • Counter-bearing in the flyer, movable by servomotor