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Flyer winders

Aumann flyer winders: Ideal for winding products that are not suitable for a rotational winding movement at high winding speeds.

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The FWS flyer winding system with 6 regulated servo axes enables a wide range of functions, such as fully automatic winding with up to 6 spindles, for example: axial connection pins or insulation displacement pockets as well as auxiliary pins. The stroke switchgear for stack rotation and the winding spindle with additional laying axis are servomotor-driven. The network-capable modular control concept is based on a Beckhoff PC controller. The FWS is ideal for integrating into production lines and features graphically supported user guidance via multi-touch panel.


  • The risk of ground and winding shorts is reduced
  • The laying drive enables automatic termination
  • Optimised production times, thanks to the multi-spindle arrangement
  • Rapid change system for flyers



  • Rotary switchgear to enable manual operation in-process
  • Integration into WT cycle
  • Upper tailstock for guide jaw tools
  • Clamp separating system for operation without wire loss
  • Upper tailstock in the flyer, movable via servomotor

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