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Chained winding

Aumann needle winding system for chained winding: Better groove filling, up to 4 folded stators can be wound simultaneously

NWS/K - Needle Winding System for Chained Winding
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The chained winding unit NWS/K allows a better groove filling and thus a higher filling factor in the case of inside-grooved stator. The teeth of the stator are unfolded and the entire stator is arranged horizontally. With the chained winding unit NWS/K, up to 4 folded stators can be wound simultaneously.

In turn, each stator can then be wound simultaneously with e.g. 3 wires (3 phases). The component change can be realized directly in the winding position, by means of a loading shuttle or by means of a workpiece-carrier circulation system. By means of the swivel wire guide via the axis, the connecting wires can be interconnected at the top and bottom. The networkable, modular control concept is based on a Beckhoff PC control system.


  • Stable basic structure
  • PC control system Beckhoff brand
  • Graphic-based operator guidance
  • Programmable via the user interface and plain text
  • Access to the machine by means of the remote control
  • MES-capability
  • Driving by means of a servomotor-adjustable connecting-rod drive
  • Wire loss-free operation possible
  • Quick-change winding tools
  • Integrable in a production line
  • Direct processing of the stators on the work-piece carriers, no handling needed



  • Swivel wire guide via axis
  • Clamp-separating unit, movable in up to three axes
  • Wire positioning unit for placing the inter-connection wires on the tooth back