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MVM Basis (T or L)
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With the MVM, Aumann has set a standard in the field of cylinder coordinate measuring gauges. Customised measuring systems means that all extensions and sensor combinations are based on the standard models MVM700T or MVM1200T and that Aumann configures the measuring concept according to your requirements. The Aumann measuring gauges MVM can be used for vertical measurements of rotor shafts, camshafts and other axis-symmetrical workpieces and components and sustainably improve the quality of your end products.

Preparing the MVM is quick and simple; changing between different measurements is done without extensive retooling. Its flexibility and efficiency make the MVM the preferred choice for production processes that require fast and accurate measurement of different workpieces.

The MVM measuring gauge is used in line operation in the robot cell and also in the precision measuring room as a stand-alone system, holding up to the demanding conditions and loads in the production environment with consistent precision and reliability.


Typical measurement characteristics:

  • Outside and inside diameters
  • Lengths and widths
  • Coaxiality / concentricity
  • Symmetry
  • Angularity
  • Cylindricity
  • Flatness and straightness
  • Parallelism axial / radial
  • Chatter marks
  • Roundness
  • Concentricity / axial runout
  • Total runout / axial runout
  • Angle of cams / sensor wheels / gear wheels / flat spots, grooves, ...
  • Form errors / positions (free forms, cones, notches, ...)
  • Concavity / convexity
  • Presence check of beads & oil holes

The MVM gauge can be equipped with a wide variety of sensors: tactile probes with measuring disc or in bi-axial design as well as laser triangulation sensors are used. The choice of sensors follows the customer and component specifications and depends on the required tolerances, accessibility, product and measuring times.

Both concave and convex cam contours as well as special features such as grooves or encoder wheels can be detected without the need for special component holders, drivers or clamping devices.

The adjustment of all sensors of the measuring gauge takes place in a common coordinate system without type-specific master shafts.

Measuring principle

MVM measuring systems inspect the components by clamping the shaft between centres and then scanning it sequentially with an arrangement of sensors.

The sensors are positioned in a freely programmable manner via a servomotor-driven multi-axis system, and the measurement is fully synchronised.

Automated 100% measurement in production

With 100% measurement, every manufactured component is measured during the production process to ensure that it meets the required specifications.

The advantages of this 100% measurement are higher quality assurance, a lower error rate and, as a result, higher customer satisfaction. Problems in the manufacturing process are quickly identified and can be rectified before major problems arise. The insights into possible improvements can be used to optimise the manufacturing process.

Data feedback

The MVM software enables the feedback of data to processing machines - an important step in optimising processes and improving product quality. This allows grinding processes to be analysed and improved, and as a result, the accuracy and efficiency of production is increased - with lower scrap.


  • Control and safety technology on Beckhoff TwinCAT / TwinSAFE basis
  • High-resolution linear and angular encoders
  • Servo-motorised precision linear axes for positioning the sensors
  • Coded clamping centres for workpiece holding
  • Laser sensors for contact-free probing of geometric features
  • Special tactile probes for specialised application conditions
  • Temperature sensors for machine and workpiece temperature
  • Automation interface for integration into the production line
  • Quality data interface (dfd / dfx / dfq)
  • Writing of key fields (K-fields)
  • Remote maintenance interface