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Transmission / gear differentials

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Assembly and testing systems for the series production of 7 and 8 gear dual clutch transmissions

Aumann provides intelligent assembly and testing systems for the series production of 7 and 8 gear dual clutch transmissions. The manufacturing solution shown includes five pre-assembly systems for various transmission assemblies and one axle main assembly line with workpiece circulation system. It includes eight automatic stations and a further 24 semi-automatic and manual workstations, and has a total length of approximately 50 metres. Various transmission types can be produced in this system, such as for vehicles with front or rear-mounted engine, four or two-wheel drive, as well as for hybrid and combustion engine vehicles. The cycle time: up to 144 seconds. Resetting to a different product type can be performed automatically during one cycle.
The transmission assembly line includes processes such as joining, thermal joining, shaft insertion, screwing, cleaning processes and synchronous assembling. In addition there are measuring, testing and selection processes as well as the scanning of the complete transmission contour for inspecting the assembly condition.

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  • Component handling
  • Component feed-in
  • Force-displacement-monitored joining processes
  • Shaft insertion
  • Screwing processes
  • Adjustment processes
  • Tactile and optical inspection processes
  • Transmission contour scanning
  • Axial and radial deviation inspection
  • Backlash inspection
  • Transfer systems for transporting product parts and materials
  • Inline measuring
  • System integration
  • Traceability
  • Marking

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