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Steering column

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Production line for steering column

Aumann offers assembly solutions for the series production of steering columns. Our core competencies lie in the variety of assembly processes used in conjunction with special requirements for haptics, NVH and, as a safetyrelevant component, especially for quality, testing processes and traceability.

Designed as flexible chakuchaku lines, the systems are characterised by their compact design. Approx. 40 individual components are built into a steering column on an area of approx. 8mx20m. By installing variants of some of the individual components, a high variety of types can be achieved. A flexible conveyor system with WT that can be set up automatically enables a quick changeover. With Lean-Automation concepts of this type, cycle times of approx. 30s are achieved with 3 - 5 employees at full output. The systems usually consist of a combination of fully automatic assembly stations, semi-automatic in-line assembly stations (Chaku-Chaku) and in-line assembly stations.

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Diverse automatic processes:

  • Force/displacement monitored joining
  • Torque/torque angle monitored screwdriving
  • Fat
  • Riveting
  • Automatic assembly
  • Adjustment and test processes (e.g. lever force, displacement force, steering friction torque)
  • Laser markings and markings
  • Traceability
  • Inline QA controls via vision applications


Manual processes:

  • Components loading and unloading
  • Components and assemblies plugging in / threading on
  • Screw tightening
  • Visual inspection / final inspection and packing

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