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Wheel sensor

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Production line for wheel sensors

Our portfolio includes fully automated production lines for core sensors, which are the starting point for various types of wheel speed sensors.

Two-core cables are fed from a reel, cut to length, stripped on both sides and provided with laser marking "on the fly" in parallel.

The two are then stripped and aligned on a rotary table. The sensor element is fed via a second rotary table, "activated" by laser on both sides and made available to the first rotary table. There, the cable and sensor element are joined by a splicing process.

The prepared cables are collected in groups of eight and fed to an injection moulding machine for completion. Finally, the finished core sensors are bundled for manual removal and packaging.

Due to their cycle time of 4.5 seconds, these machines form technologically particularly demanding manufacturing solutions in a comparatively small space.

The manufactured products are the basis for a wide range of further processing.


Each manufacturing solution is tailored precisely to the requirements of the customer (location, volume, scaling, area, automation, ...).

Such a plant has a total length of approx. 7 x 13 m.

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  • Component handling
  • Component feed-in
  • Optical inspection processes
  • System integration
  • Traceability
  • Marking
  • Control concepts in accordance with customer requirements
  • Laser activation
  • Splicing
  • Injection moulding

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