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Battery modules

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Manufacturing solutions for the production of battery modules

Aumann provides highly automated manufacturing solutions for the production of battery modules Our core expertise is in process knowledge in the subjects of automation, handling, welding, the integration of special processes and in the development of consistent assembly solutions for battery cells and battery modules. As an experienced primary contractor, we provide customer-specific manufacturing solutions. Our strength: innovative conceptual design, thanks to powerful simulation tools. We are an expert partner in the project business, in particular also in the subject of system scalability and for volume scenarios that are difficult to predict.

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  • Goods inwards inspection of battery cells or battery modules
  • Stacking processes
  • Cleaning processes (laser stripping, plasma treatment etc.)
  • Wrapping
  • Integration of adhesive, sealant, thermally conductive paste applications
  • Welding applications
  • Contacting
  • Integration of leakage tests
  • Electrical tests
  • Component handling
  • Component feed-in
  • Screwing processes
  • Traceability

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