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Hairpin stators

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Automated manufacturing solutions for hairpin stators

Aumann develops and realises automated manufacturing solutions for hairpin stators tailored to the respective requirements. Along with the integration of established electric motor production processes, our expertise is in process knowledge in the subject of wire forming, weld preparation, winding assembly and contacting. Our developers and project designers are experts in the special design and quality requirements for stators for electric traction drives. We can verify and optimise these in the context of testing and the production of prototypes in our hairpin technical centre. Furthermore, Aumann has expertise and experience in assembly systems for the "I-pin" and "continuous hairpin" stator types. At Aumann, the primary contractor expertise necessary for projects in this environment is guaranteed, as is expertise in the scalability of the systems for volume scenarios that are often difficult to forecast.

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  • Shaping profile wire into plug-in coils (hairpins)
  • Laser removal of the lacquer insulation from the weld spots
  • Lining/insulating the stator slots
  • Hairpin assembly
  • Cropping, twisting and final trimming of the wire ends
  • Laser welding of the wire ends
  • Integration of impregnation and coating processes
  • 3D-Modelling of winding head including a feasibility check in terms of manufacturing features
  • Traceability
  • Simulation

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