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Assembly systems for fan motors

Aumann provides highly automated assembly systems for the series production of 20 different electric motors. These are used as the drive for cooling fan modules in the engine bay of passenger and commercial vehicles. The assembly solution includes 15 fully automated stations for assembling stators, rotors, printed circuit boards and electronic components. Our core expertise is in the joining and hot caulking of motor mounts and stators. Further expertise: The application of the thermal paste via dosing technology and the pre-assembly of printed circuit boards with insulation displacement terminals and capacitors. This is followed by the pre-assembly and assembly of the rotor assembly, joining processes, EOL testing and seal testing. The motors are transported through the various stations via workpiece carriers in a circulation system. Manual and automatic setup processes enable the assembly of a large variety of versions. Thanks to the cycle time of just 14 seconds, annual production volumes can reach seven figures. Each manufacturing solution is tailored precisely to the requirements of the customer. As a rule, such systems have a total length of approximately 30 metres.

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  • Component handling
  • Component feed-in
  • Force-displacement-monitored joining processes
  • Screwing processes
  • Adjustment processes
  • Dispensing processes
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Plasma cleaning
  • Punching technology
  • Tactile and optical inspection processes
  • Transfer systems for transporting product parts and materials
  • Inline measuring
  • System integration
  •  Traceability
  • Marking

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