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Assembly systems for combustion engines

Aumann provides assembly systems for complete combustion engines, including the testing areas. Along with in general assembly processes, our expertise is in particular in combing approximately 30 automatic stations and a further 100 semi-automatic and manual workstations, as well as 5 repair and testing areas. These are linked via various transfer systems. There are a number of automatic and manual feed and logistics systems in use directly within the line. The transfer and handover to the logistics area is fully automatic. Various types can be produced in the system, such as 3 and 4 cylinder engines in batch sizes of 1 in a cycle time of up to 34 seconds. Each manufacturing solution is tailored precisely to the requirements of the customer. The total size of such a system is approximately 250 x 30 m.

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  • Component handling
  • Component feed-in
  • Fully-automatic piston assembly and piston rod assembly
  • Force-displacement-monitored joining processes
  • Screwing processes
  • Dispensing processes
  • Filling processes
  • Adjustment processes
  • Tactile and optical inspection processes
  • Cold and hot test
  • Transfer systems for transporting product parts and materials
  • Inline measuring
  • System integration
  • Traceability
  • Marking
  • Control concepts in accordance with customer requirements

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