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Electric Starter-Generator

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Innovative manufacturing solutions for 48V Mild-Hybrid-Systems

With the help of 48V technology, the well-known "alternator" becomes a powerful starter generator that supports the combustion engine as an auxiliary unit. This type of hybridization has become known as mild hybridization.

Belt starter generators (BSG) and gear-integrated starter generators (ISG) have established themselves as types. In the meantime, both are preferably realized in plug-in coil technology, so-called hairpins.

Aumann has know-how in the entire process chain for stators, rotors and ready-to-install complete systems of this type of hybridization.

We combine the wide range of forming, winding, contacting and assembly processes with a needs-based degree of automation to create the optimum manufacturing solution.

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  • Shaping profile wire into plug-in coils (hairpins)
  • Laser removal of the lacquer insulation from the weld spots
  • Lining/insulating the stator slots
  • Hairpin assembly
  • Cropping, twisting and final trimming of the wire ends
  • Laser welding of the wire ends
  • Various winding and assembly techniques for rotor production
  • Complete assembly and EoL testing.

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