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E-mobility and Classic

Aumann is the leading manufacturer of specialized machines and production lines for components for electric and classic drive chain systems. Furthermore, our company is the plant partner of choice for the aerospace, consumer electronics and clean technology industries along with many more.


E-mobility at Aumann
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In the e-mobility division, we primarily design, manufacture and distribute specialized machines and automated production lines for the automotive, aerospace, rail and other mobility industries.


Superior power to weight ratio in mass production
Our products and services enable our customers in the e-mobility segment to produce highly efficient and advanced electric motors with superior power-to-weight ratios on a mass production scale through the use of direct winding technology - whether it be linear, needle or flyer needle winding, through to highly advanced "continuous hairpin" and "multi-wire distributed needle winding". We also provide sophisticated automated solutions for upstream and downstream processes, in particular for wire handling. Large customers from the automotive and e-bike segments use our technologies to manufacture the latest generation of electric motors.


Electric motor components, energy storage systems and complete assembly solutions
Along with solutions for electric motor components, our range also includes specialized machines and production lines for the manufacture of automobile energy storage systems and hybrid modules, as well as the complete electric drivetrain. To ensure ideal customer support, we offer joint development services and prototype production facilities in our technology centre, as well as product-related services such as maintenance, repair and spare parts delivery.


Classic at Aumann
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In the classic segment, we primarily design, manufacture and distribute specialized machines and automated production lines for the automotive, aerospace, rail, consumer electronics, agriculture and clean technology industries.


Reduced consumption – solutions for the drivetrain and structural components
Our solutions include plant for the production of drive components for internal combustion engines, such as transmission systems, assembled camshafts and camshaft modules, cylinder activation and deactivation modules and components for valve control systems. We also specialize in light weight components for structural parts in the automotive segment. OEMs and first-tier suppliers are able to produce components on our machines and production lines that help them optimise the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of their models.


Think tank and service provider
Our range also includes production and logistics solutions for the consumer electronics and white goods industry, transportation equipment for the aerospace industry and customer-specific solutions for further industry sectors. Along with our range of maintenance, retrofit, transportation and spare parts services, we also provide production services such as measuring, prototyping, and machining of components. Furthermore, for special requirements in small batches, we also manufacture series components, in particular for customers in the automotive and agricultural sectors.