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Measuring and testing technology

Mechanical inspection
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Aumann integrates tactile measurement technology for high-precision measurements down to a thousandth of a millimetre. The accurate monitoring of process sequences and influencing variables is decisive for ideal control and professional documentation. Possible tests include: force, path, and presence.

Visual inspection
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Aumann realises solutions for the inline geometry inspection of rotary components and structural assemblies. We use field-tested modular systems and software concepts. Inspections are possible via camera, contour sensor, laser-light reflex barriers and light barriers. Our measurement machines, integrated into the process sequences, satisfy the highest demands in the production environment – right through to the self-optimising closed-loop processes for maximum productivity.

Electrical inspection
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Aumann uses highly-sophisticated testing devices produced by renowned manufacturers. As the primary contractor, we ensure that they are integrated ideally into the overall system and professionally commissioned. Possible tests: Continuity, impulse voltage, insulation resistance, high voltage, polarization, short circuit, partial discharge and inductance.