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Chain winders

Aumann chain winders: Improved slot filling, up to 4 opened out stators can be wound in parallel, rapid component change.

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The NWS/K chain winder enables improved slot filling, and therefore a better fill factor for internally slotted stators. The teeth of the stator are opened out and the entire stator is aligned horizontally. The NWS/K chain winder can wind up to 4 opened out stators in parallel. In turn, each stator can be wound with 3 wires (3 phases) in parallel. The components can be changed directly in the winding position, either via a loading shuttle or via a circulating workpiece carrier system. The connection wires can be connected above and below via the over-axis swivelling wire guide.


  • Network-capable modular control concept
  • Five regulated servo axes
  • Fully automatic winding of axial and radial connection pins as well as auxiliary pins
  • Graphically supported user guidance via multi-touch panel
  • Wire laying system, driven via 2 servomotor axes
  • Servomotor-driven vertical adjustment of the con rod drive for leading out long wire connections
  • Wire feed from the front – for minimum wire deflection
  • Maximum fill factors
  • Wire laying for coil sections of a phase from above and below
  • Short winding times, thanks to the simultaneous winding of several phases
  • Sinusoidal vertical movement of the wire guide ensured by the patented con rod drive
  • Can be integrated into a production line
  • Beckhoff PC control




  • Over-axis swivelling wire guide
  • Wire clamp separating device can be traversed in up to 3 axes
  • Wire positioning unit for laying the connection wires on the tooth back

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