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Stators for electrical adjusters

Your product – our manufacturing solution

Innovative manufacturing solutions for the manufacture of stators for electrical adjusters

Aumann offers highly automated manufacturing solutions for stators in electrical actuators with tailored processes from development to series production.

Our core competences lie in the process know-how around the topics winding up to the extensive assembly of the final product.

Aumann has mastered all production processes and procedures that have become established on the market and tailors these to customer requirements (volume, scaling, area, level of automation, ...).

These fully automatic systems are characterized by cost-effectiveness in the manufacture and assembly of stators for electrical actuators in large series and with a variety of different types. The mature technology of combining modules with a coordinated line computer results in advantages for the user.

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  • Networkable, modular control concept 
  • Easy operability due to clearly arranged operator terminals 
  • Closed security concept 
  • Central energy and air supply 
  • Easily upgradeable control units due to decentralised design
  • High operational reliability due to CE-certified machines and assemblies 
  • Modular design with transfer system 
  • Extendable with low-level outlay
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  • Sheet stack supply
  • Single pole supply
  • Visual inspection
  • End cap feeding and fitting
  • Stack height measurement
  • Paper insulation feeding and inserting
  • Terminal plate feeding and fitting
  • Contact feeding and inserting
  • Visual inspection
  • Winding – needle winding technology, chained phase winding, (linear winding technology), flyer winding
  • Component cleaning
  • Contacting
  • Wire separation and depollution
  • Visual inspection
  • Electrical inspection
  • Marking
  • Unloading

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