In order to realize better groove filling and thus a greater fill factor for inside slotted stators, a new needle winding machine was developed. Here, the teeth of the stator are unfolded and the entire stator is aligned horizontally. With this chain winder it is possible to wind up to 4 unfolded stators in parallel.

Each stator in turn can be wound with 3 wires (3 chamfers) in parallel. The component change can be realized directly in the winding position by a loading shuttle or by a work piece carrier circulating system. The swiveling wire guide over axis makes it easy to interconnect the top and bottom connecting wires.

  • Wire feed from the front for minimum wire deflection
  • Maximum fill factors
  • Wire laying for partial coils of a phase possible for top and bottom
  • Short winding times due to the simultaneous winding of phases
  • Sinoidal vertical machine movement of the wire guide due to the patented rod drive
  • Swiveling wire guide over axis
  • Wire clamp separating device traversable over up to 3 axes

maximum assignable number of wires in dependence on the wire diameter

Wire diameter

max. number of processed wires

max. number of strokes (depends on part)

up to 1,0 mm

max. 12 wires simultaneously

240 rpm

up to 1,5 mm

max. 9 wires simultaneously

60 rpm

up to 2,0 mm

max. 3 wires simultaneously

30 rpm

Technical data

Spindle pitch

4 – 350 mm

Max. stator diameter

100 mm (unwound length 314 mm)

Max. package height

100 mm

Wire diameter

0,4 – 2,0 mm