Our fully automatic production line is an economic solution for the high volume of a variety of (motor-)coils. This proven technology, combining a modular system with a line-computer provides the user advantages.

  • Modular control system with network capability
  • Easy operation through clear terminals
  • Closed security concept
  • Central energy and air supply
  • Easy extensible control units due to decentralized design
  • High operation safety by CE certified machines and components
  • Modular machine with transfer system
  • Simple and easy to implement extensions to increase or change production capacity


Cycle time: 27 sec

No. of stations


No. of processes



1 for logistics




Automotive - backside steering

  • Feeding of lamination stack
  • Optical test
  • Feeding and insertion of isolation cap
  • Feeding and insertion of isolation paper
  • Isolationskappe zuführen und aufsetzen
  • Feeding and insertion of pins
  • Optical test
  • Winding
  • Contacting
  • Optical and electrical test
  • Cleaning of product and tool carrier
  • Unloading